Metal Shop Projects

I’ve been doing some metal sculpture here on Maui. Originally I set up shop in an industrial area in Haiku. However, I recently I relocated my tools over to my good friend Carlos’ place. Thanks, Carlos, for taking me in!

Blacktip 2
Blacktip 2 – November 2008

This piece is similar in size and shape to the original Blacktip, however, it is quite a bit different in its concept. The first picture shows it on location at the Maui Ocean Center Lobby. Other pictures are close-ups taken from the workshop.

Blacktip – February 2008

This has been my most ambitious project so far. I used auto-body metal shaping techniques to form sheet metal into this reef shark sculpture. Its about 5 feet long, and its hollow. It only weights about 10 pounds or so. Its all 20 guage steel, about 1/32 of an inch thick. Welding it together was a real challenge to say the least!

Blacktip Contruction Photos

I took only a few pictures at different times during construction. All of the metal shaping techniques you see here (including making of the patterns) I learned from Wray Schelin of Sturbridge Massachusetts. I could never have done this project without having attended his three-day class out there in Sturbridge. Thanks Wray, your class is awesome!